About Me

My Story

I started off as a developer and wanted to do something more creative which led to me to my first startup and finally into product development, and Im sure that’s not the end of it! My ultimate goal is to do something where I can combine what I love with what I’m good at and what the world needs. And my hunt continues!


What I Love

Dan Norman, Anime, Science Fiction & Board Games (not in that order). When I’m not playing board games or watching Fantasy /Sci Fi/ Anime ,I end up cozing up with my husband and kitten watching nature documentaries, drinking Belgium beer and eating good food!


Some fun projects..

My projects include an interactive story, a card game called “Pixel”, a platformer game from the Global game jam, a health App called the “Me-keeper” from the Health Hackathon to help centralize the medical documents for you and your close ones. And an ongoing application in “Processing” to translate colors into music, which hopefully will see the light of day at some point.

Here’s my resume: NabamalikaBanerjee

Lets chat! Email me at n.banerjee064@gmail.com 🙂