Cymax Experience

Program Manager / Nov 2017- Present

Channel Gate

  • Launched the Channel gate program with all the products we had launched over two years along with additional services for the vendors of Cymax
  • Currently leading the program to combine all the SaaS solutions to create a portfolio for the e-com industry
  • Created the Service Level agreement for the Channel Gate program currently being used to sign Vendors
  • Involved in business pitch meetings, marketing collateral and launch plan for the vendors in the e-com space
  • Defined KPIs , designed and created the program dashboard to measure the success of the program across multiple departments
  • Aligned the strategic roadmap of the portfolio of products to the program vision and goals

Product Manager / June 2017-present


  • With all the data that we had gathered over 10 years, we wanted to give the power in the hands of the vendors.
  • With this mission we launched the beta Analytics product, The Seller Intelligence Platform with 5 Vendors & built the MVP for the market
  • To help with product development and pricing intelligence we created and refined prototypes for PowerBI reports
  • Collaborated with Power BI Analyst to refine the reports
  • Created subscription model for the Analytics platform based on competitive landscape and industry needs

Product Manager / Aug 2016-present

Constant Retail

  • Constant Retail was our answer to the vendors looking for better digital brand recognition online
  • After joining the team , I standardized the agile cycle with off-shore team in Ukraine and upped the stability of the Constant Retail product by 70% within 3 months
  • Introduced Wireframing in the company and created over 300 wireframes for over 5 products

Product Manager / March 2016-present


  • To tap into the interior designer market, we created a free Muzeboard tool for designers to use Homesquare products and receive commission on any sale
  • With over 200 designers in 3 months we created a tool to bridge the gap between the designers and the furniture industry
  • Soon we wanted to move into non-furniture market with this tool and we created minimal viable product for Shopify
  • With the existing Shopify user based we launched the Muzeboard App within 2 months & increased growth by 11% month over month